We are competent in delivering quality services throughout the development life cycle of Web and Mobile software. We provide a full package for software development including analysis, design, engineering, testing, deployment, and support.

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Our Commitments​

Client-centric development and open communication processes

Compliance with the latest data security regulations of your industry

Intellectual property rights protection for your software product

Smooth and continuous delivery and support processes.

Established processes for collaborating off-site and on-site.

Maximum project predictability and detailed documentation

Service Delivery

Development process optimization

Deadline compliance

Employee retention

Customer success management

All our services

Analysis of requirements

Technical documentation

Design basic prototype




Web development

Encopedia has over 10 years of experience creating web systems ranging from simple websites to complex, scalable platforms. Depending on the specific needs and goals of our clients, Encopedia can spin up the best combination of web technologies to ensure your product makes your business successful.

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Mobile App

Nowadays, in a time when everybody uses smartphones, it is of crucial importance for a business to be mobile. That is why Encopedia is here to create a mobile solution to make your business work from wherever you happen to find yourself.

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Software Engineering

With our IT consulting services, our clients are able to evaluate various technological strategies and align them with their individual business processes. We support your IT initiatives with architectural and operational planning and implementation of your software. By putting our heads together, we will find the right technological solutions and build a software development strategy to jump start your business’ productivity.

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Integration Services are so complex so you need a partner that can provide support from start to finish. Encopedia analyzes your problems and opportunities, creates an enterprise integration concept, develops it, hosts it, and continues to manage support as necessary.

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Code Encryption

Hardening your app code makes your app more resistant to reverse engineering, app tampering and protects against intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, and reputation damage. Complete code protection combined with comprehensive runtime protection is essential to fully protect your apps.

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